Parallel Bus Paralleling Controller.

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The ENCP 9b is designed to control a generators bus-tie breaker. The system manages the synchronizing and check-sync across the breaker automatically, when opening or closing the bus-tie breaker.

The ENCP 9b has been designed to work with the ENCP 9.1 and ENCP 9.3 Load Share controllers which support up to sixteen ENCP 9bs with no ENCP 9.3 or up to two ENCP 9bs with one to fourteen ENCP 9.3s. This provides a standalone, fully integrated solution, without the need for PLC.

With all communication ports capable of being active at the same time, the ENCP 9b is ideal for a wide variety of demanding load share applications.

    • Connects to and automatic control of two parallel bus's (Bus 1 & Bus 2).
    • Up to 2 ENCP 9b’s are supported when one to fourteen ENCP 9.1’s are in the system.
    • (11/8) Configurable inputs/outputs.
    • Remote communications (RS232, RS485 x2, Ethernet).
    • (250) Configurable event log.
    • Integral PLC editor.
    • Data logging (USB Memory Stick).

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